Sunday, 10 May 2009

What beast?

Every time you do something wrong and get hauled in to the Sergeants office to be "talked to" either officially or unofficially you are of course given an opportunity to either give reasons, excuses or to just vent your pent up frustrations.. (I removed my tangent from here)

Anyway, I digressed, so I am in the Sgt's office for about the 3rd time this month and of course getting a rollocking and then I give your reasons and/or vent a little and I get the age old story that goes a little like this:

"you shouldn't fight the system Blogs, it's there for a reason.. It's the nature of the Beast"

What the hell is that supposed to mean FFS?

Firstly, the system is NOT BLOODY PERFECT, therefore fighting the system is good.. because being able to actually get the imperfections changed are important. Right? (obviously I'm actually wrong and it's not important)

The system MAY be there for a reason. But what the hell is the reason because I certainly cannot see what it is supposed to be when everything I do ends up with me getting in to trouble and getting the same friggen speech! And clearly the system needs to adapt with time for the times they are a changing!

The nature of the Beast. What goddamned Beast? Because I am really flummoxed here. I do not work for a BEAST. I do not want to work for a BEAST. I don't even understand what the hell the Sgt is on about.

Then I go to see the Inspector. The Inspector says the same bloody BEAST speech. What the F**K are you on about sir?

So why???

I just do not get it. Everything in the police changes. Not a month goes by where there isn't some sort of change with shifts, or policies, or stupidity, or whatever. It's constant fluctuation isn't it! SO.. why the hell does the "system" never change, or adapt, or even compromise??

OMG it just pisses me off...

So... perhaps it's about time this bloody beast was slain!


  1. You want to change the system, then you have to get promoted dear boy.

    Its the way.

  2. There is nothing as constant as change.

  3. I don't like the idea of getting promoted.. I'm FARRRRRRRR too politically INCORRECT to be able to get anywhere..
    Besides, you have to acquiesce somewhat to go up the ranks... ugggh. No thanks.

    I'd prefer to fight the system from the pointed end!

  4. Hmm. Perhaps avoiding the Sergeant's office should be a plan...?

  5. Also - have to agree with anon at 1032.
    It is after all the nature of the beast.

  6. Area, remind me next time I visit to KICK YO' ASS!