Sunday, 3 May 2009

Commentary Annoyance.

So don't get me wrong. I love these Police, Camera, Action type programs. Pat & Carl are my personal heroes. Well they are.. honest!

Specially because they seem to be able to swear at almost everyone they nick AND they can asp people any time they want.. and when they want backup it turns up by the bucketload! (Probably because every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be on the TV) and on top of that they actually get to go out and do what policing is all about.

BUT.. while these things are all good what the HELL is with that stupid arsed idiot doing the commentary? Why is he such a numpty? Doesn't he have any other sayings? Does he have to assume that everyone wants to be talked to like a complete imbecile? What the hell!

I just find that he sounds so condescending, so annoying, and so bloody mind-numbingly predictable with what he's going to say that it (for me) completely spoils what is going on in those shows. I prefer to watch the ones which he doesn't do the constant babble on.
(And I swear it's the same guy on that stupid home-videos show where they constantly show kids hurting themselves!)

Or is it just the entire genre these days that we need to be commentated to like we are mindless morons?

Oh yeah, I forgot. Of course we do. It's just like we get dictated to by our government, because we ARE mindless morons and we require them to control every part of our lives and our destiny.

/end rant for today.


  1. Watch the BP Southern :-)) If it helps the animal hospital type shows are the same. And when you get to the Rolf Harris ones that used to be the rage l understand from ACO's in the are that the reason they only did one in Manchester area was that everyone refused to work with them.

  2. Thank god someone has finally had the courage to speak out against this! It's the Theakston ones that annoy me the most but I'd really like to meet the guy who writes it all. He's in my Top 1 list of people to shout at really loudly :o)