Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A bunch of bloody criminals!

Anywhere else in the world but in England.

MP's Pay back money as you can see from that quick GOOGLE search there is stacks of stories about this.
I also know that I'm not the first cop to blog about it..

But I just feel that I have to have my own 2 pence worth of a say because otherwise it'll build up in me like a rage and I'll go to Westminster and have it out with the first idiot MP that I see on the street!

So, as an MP you earn how much money?

I thought I'd do some research... and Alan KEEN has posted up details from 2004. I don't actually know who he is, but his information came up first in Google. (AND I AM NOT saying that Alan KEEN has done anything wrong, but it gives a good guide as to how much money MP's are making off of OUR backs when we can't even afford to fuel up the car)
Anyway, it would appear that they are on SUBSTANTIALLY MORE than the average citizen of the United Kingdom. In fact, around double what I earn and they don't get spat at, have punches thrown at them, or have to struggle to pay rent or a mortgage!

So a £60,000/annum salary PLUS expenses???

Reading through Alan KEENS information from his website it would appear that the average MP if they are smart can rake in well over a hundred grand without even trying. Specially if they cut back on their own 'staff' etc.

SO WHY are they allowed to then claim MORE expenses for 2nd houses and so on when MOST PEOPLE cannot even afford a 1st house? Clearly they've got the money to not have to worry about things like trouser presses and should be paying for it out of their own bloody pocket, not ours.

If I fiddled my expenses forms at work I wouldn't just be dismissed from the office of constable I would ALSO be brought up on misconduct charges, probably fraud or at the very least theft charges and I would have to explain myself in court where, if I lost, the court would throw the book at me to set an example.

So why hasn't a SINGLE MP been arrested and charged as yet for any of their dishonesty offences which they have ADMITTED PUBLICALLY ON TV!!!!?????!?!?!?!

ARREST and CHARGE the bloody lot of them. THEN cancel ALL second house allowances. Can the entire bloody lot of them and call a full general election so that we might actually get a government that we voted for, not someone who was grandfathered in because he was best buddies with the last tosser in government.. and let's teach these over-paid, under-worked idiots what it's like to actually be on the breadline, or on the dole queue, or perhaps just living real life, commuting because you can't afford to live anywhere near work due to overinflated housing prices, or scrimping to buy the kids a treat on the school holidays because you earn crap wages and your wife has to stay at home to look after the kids because babysitting is so expensive.

I want to know who's responsible, I want some action, and I want it now. ALL THE CRIMINAL SCUM should be charged and put before a JURY of their PEERS (YES, US, the PUBLIC!)


  1. I Totally agree.

    Ann Widicombe was on telly this morning saying that if we cancel second houses and benefits, that ordinary people 'could not afford' to be MPs and instead we'd only get richies and lords.

    I'd like to be in her world, where 60k was below the poverty line.

    I suspect we'd end up with people interested in *politics* and *doing the right thing* as a *public service* rather than the current lot of pocket liners.

    'repaying' the amounts doesn't help - if you can write a cheque to repay 40k of fiddled expenses *without* a problem - doesn't that kind of indicate you shouldn't have bloody fiddled it in the first place?

    Making all expenses public would help - if you fiddle something, your opponents could point it out to win votes against you - almost self-regulating?

  2. Ahhhh I like that idea, they could police themselves by publicising what each other is fiddling out of the system.

    I agree 100% if you can afford to just write a cheque to pay back such large sums of money then you clearly did NOT need it.

    Awww, this topic should stir up a hornets nest.. heh.

  3. Why not a high profile investigation and prosecution. How can Jacqui Smith claim her sister's back bedroom is her main home? None of the neighbours beleive her and the police must have her detailed movements given her position. What more evidence is required?

  4. It's the nature of the beast, I'm afraid.

    I think it's good that all this is coming out. It has been going on for decades, but at least we (voters) can now see it and do something about it.

  5. There is sooooo much evidence including full admissions of guilt on NATIONAL TV.. yet still, we stand by and do nothing!

    I tell ya what, if I had evidence against my local MP then I'd happily go around and arrest the bastard and make him explain to a jury of his peers!

    I still think we should be doing something about this. It is scandalous! It's about time to call an end to this government and everyone involved in it and call a general election for ALL NEW MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT because the ones we've got now are so bloody corrupted that they wouldn't have said ANYTHING if this wasn't in the media and the spotlight pointing directly at them.