Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Quick, someone's altered the Matrix!!!

Tank: - "OPERATOR"
Neo: - "Tank, someone's altered the Matrix... find us an exit............ and quickly..................>"

I am 100% positive we've seen this and heard this before...

Ok, so it's nothing new. People get promoted on coming up with hairbrained schemes like this though.. so let's let them "think-tank" it out and come up with the schemes.

You can see it happening anyway, you can SEE that the Home Office and Central Govt are slowly FORCING it to happen. Eventually they WILL win.

At the present you can see it happening because slowly but surely the government is squeezing the budgets of ALL forces. By 2010 when a new government comes in to power it's hardly likely to change a great deal as the money has to be found somewhere to pay for everything else the government has done (like publically funding the banks - sod the banks, let them sack their over paid management and put them in receivership like every other poorly run and top heavy business - why should I be paying for a dead bank?)

Anyway, so government starts tightening the purse strings. Bordering forces start sharing resources such as Southernshire sharing a helicopter with Ruralshire etc.. or Ruralshire sharing their Roads Policing Unit with MoreRuralshire or similar..

Eventually what happens is that because we've shared so many resources already - in an effort to save another 1 million pounds or 5 million pounds or whatever then we might as well bloody well merge because we can save another £20M. What will happen then is that the forces will merge and the govt will slash that 20M off the budget anyway....

Personally speaking I think we have a good point here:

Too many police forces.
Too much beaurocracy.
Too many inconsistencies between neighbouring forces.
Not enough information sharing between forces.
Inconsistency in dealing with or managing offenders.

etc, etc... you could keep going.

So let's merge. Who cares anyway? It's only the BOSSES who will become superfluous when the forces Merge who care.. the rest of us will still have the same streets to patrol as we did the day before.

I propose that we merge in to the following force areas:

North Wales
South Wales
Northern (from Hull up to the Scottish borders)
Eastern (from the M1 across)
Western (from M1 across to the Welsh borders)
Metropolitan (everything within and INCLUDING the M25 (because no one else wants a big circular car park))
South Western (from Wiltshire/Hampshire borders across and all the way down)
South Eastern (from Wiltshire/Hampshire borders across)

The Eastern and Western forces would go as far south as the M4. Everything below that would be either SW or SE forces.

Now basically I've given this a lot of thought. I've managed to divde the country in to 8 (yep, read it and weep Mr ACPO man - I beat your 9 force idea) force areas which in my reckoning will save around about a billion pounds a year. So does this make me ACPO material or what?

The way I see it - it is quite easy. The Home Office simply gets a map of the UK and draws lines on it.. says to the forces "right, here's where the dividing lines are.. now get organised.. Staff/Officers on the wrong side of dividing lines will go to other forces etc but hey.. they are still employed! Or perhaps the dividing lines could be run down a county boundary but hey, let's make it easy, a straight line!

There is too much discussion and crapping on about this getting done and they need to just DO IT and get it over with. For those of us on the street it won't matter on iota as we will still be going out catching criminals the day after it all comes in to effect.

Friday, 20 November 2009

PC dies.

The body of a man found after a bridge collapsed over a flooded river is Pc Bill Barker, police have confirmed.

Pc Barker, 44, was directing motorists off the bridge in Workington "saving lives" when it caved in as Cumbria was hit by record rainfall, police said.

Gordon Brown called Pc Barker "very heroic" and the Queen said she was "deeply concerned" about the flooding.

Cumbria Assistant Chief Constable Jerry Graham said both the flooding and the incident involving Pc Barker had left him "devastated".

He said the constable, a father of four whose 45th birthday would have been on Saturday, was a roads policing officer in Workington.

His body was found on a beach in Allonby, almost 10 miles up the coast.

Pc Barker's wife Hazel said her husband was "my best friend, my forever friend, and an amazing dad".

** Our hearts and minds go out to those who are suffering at the loss of a Colleague, a friend, a loved one, most importantly to his 4 children now without a much loved father **

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Watching you watching me (uh-huh)

So generally speaking it's rare that I do constant obs, it's something that the probationers tend to do because either they can't drive around on blues & twos or they are the ones who are just sent to all of these sorts of things, it's constants or scene guards.. so today my topic is constants.

When police detain a person under S136 of the Mental Health Act we are obliged to take that person to a "place of safety". Unfortunately however if they've even sniffed some alcohol within the last 24 hours then no hospital (read hospital for people being treated under the MHA) will touch them and they simply repeat time and time again that it's "OUR" problem. (OH yeah, as Alcohol is a major depressant you can GUESS what the likelihood is that our 136's HAVEN'T been drinking, it's such a slim chance that it's really not funny).

(I don't see how it IS our problem as WE aren't a Hospital!!)

So when you detain someone S136 the first thing you hope is that they haven't been drinking (so sometimes they are even breath tested) but if they have you write off the rest of your shift doing constat obs on this person.

Most Custody Sgts won't allow a 136 in their cell block without a PC doing constant observations on this person. Now this brings to mind the following thoughts:

This person has been searched on ENTRY to custody and all items that could be use to harm themselves or us is removed from everyone. The person is also checked with a metal detector and a few other things yet STILL.. despite no way of doing anything and the available camera cell I'm still stuck on constants.

I sit for 8 hours of my shift twiddling my thumbs, reading a magazine, playing with the internet over my phone and WATCHING a person who's just spent the last 7 hours 45 minutes sleeping! Great use of Police time.. and no wonder my crimes on my account aren't being investigated.

I beg to know why this person who needs help for mental health problems is deemed unfit to be taken a hospital if they've had a drink. I also beg to know just how a CELL BLOCK is seen as a SAFE PLACE for someone who may have mental health issues, surely the hospital is far better equipped to help them and besides that the mental health assessment team then takes 10 - 20 hours to turn up to assess the person in Custody.

It just takes the piss.


Police Get 93-Page Guide To Cycling
ACPO consider new 2-volume, 93 page, manual to tell officers how to ride a bike...

I agree wholeheartedly with the Taxpayers Alliance.

THIS should not be allowed to happen full stop. What a waste of all our money!

Wake up ACPO. You think up all these daft things, do you think that the rank and file PC is a toddler or what?
Even Boris Johnson can cycle himself around without a 93 page guide!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I think it's HIGH TIME we fought back.

After a comment left on my blog in the post regarding the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson I thought that it was worthwhile looking further in to WHY the public aren't doing their duty to fight crime.

Then I thought about something someone once said to me when I asked why they didn't grab a shitbag who ran past them who was being chased after a crime... they said it wasn't "their job" to catch the crook.

So here is POINT 7 of Sir Robert Peel's 9 Principles of Policing...

Police, at all times, should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.

Out of point 7 let us look in particular at the piece highlighted in RED.

The Police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on EVERY citizen.

I find that quite poignant and feel that perhaps it should be pointed out to the PUBLIC that they too have an incumbent DUTY to perform when it comes to the prevention of crime, the preservation of life, limb and property and all the other duties carried out by the police.

So, JOE PUBLIC, LISTEN UP! TAKE HEED and take note.. you should start to assist in all of the above. It is time for YOU to take up the fight against crime and disorder as well because if you do not do so then, when it ALL FAILS (and it's bound to) then it is YOU WHO HAVE FAILED SOCIETY. (for we are the public and the public ae the police!)

Now the question of WHY aren't society doing their incumbent duty?
It's probably partially because they are scared. But what are they scared more about, their own safety, the safety of their family, the safety of their friends, their property, society at large? Are they scared that they might do something which gets them in trouble? Ok, so if they are scared then ring 999 and we'll deal with it but remember we are just the public paid to give full-time attention to these duties.. we are the same as you are. Still - all too many people won't even dial 999! Get with the program guys, we are all charged with the responsibility to help our fellow man.

Remember that it is up to you to help US ALL to reclaim our streets. Let's push the hoodlums back in to the shadows where they belong, let's get the muggers, rapists, theives and burglars behind bars and MAKE THEM STAY THERE, let's tell the Govt that we don't WANT lighter prison sentences or prisoners being taken out on shopping sprees or politically correct, pink & fluffy police but that we want an effective and efficient police force who will go out and do their job without red tape holding them back. Let's stand up and be counted and make it all happen.

Sorry for all the CAPS folks, just want to make a point.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

This weeks news in short.

Boris get's on his bike...

So I don't generally like Politicians a great deal but I'll give credit where and when it is due.

The latest news this week sees Boris Johnson chase off a bunch of hooded "oiks" (his words) who had surrounded a lady and one of whom had a 1 metre steel bar in hand.

The Mayor of London was cycling down the street when he heard a lady shout to him for help, without any hesitation he rode over, jumped off his bike and shortly there-after was chasing the hooded youths down the street.

He then returned to the stunned lady and walked her home!!! WTF? It's brilliant isn't it? :-)

Could you imagine the Mayor of New York doing that?

I can see how he became Mayor - top notch Boris.

Now if only a few other citizens of this great world we live in would take heed and help people when they need it then it would be a far, far nicer world we live in.

Named and Shamed... about time too!

Avon & Somerset have been naming the people that they've shovelled through the Criminal Justice System. Basically they have been publicising the details of what for and who on their website.

I'm sure that the Human Rights mob will be jumping up and down and protesting but screw them..
I feel that this is a positive step forward in Victim Focus in the Criminal Justice System.
On top of that I personally think it's great, after all you won't let someone in to your house or business or employ them if you KNOW that they've been done for Burglary or Theft by Employee or Shoplifting.. It now allows the public to be aware and to take adequate protective measures.
Now to get everyone else doing it - because the long and short of it.. you WON'T commit crime if you suddenly find EVERY DOOR SLAMMED IN YOUR FACE because you are recognisable!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A Minute for Madeleine McCann

I've titled this the same as our very own Ruralshire Constabulary's Police Inspectors post because I want you to all click the link and go to see the post he made - http://inspectorgadget.wordpress.com/2009/11/03/4258/

It's not my intention to repost the video on here but to let you go to Inspector Gadgets blog and see it there.

I will also point out the interesting comments below that post. One of which has a list of points on the case some of which are very good points. There is a lot of unanswered questions about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and I only hope that someday the world will know the full truth of the matter.