Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Internet Trolls and Real Trolls..

Ok, so everyone has probably noticed a troll or two on the interwebby thing. After all I'm sure that everyone who reads my blog has probably been on a forum or two and noticed that there is always one complete tosser who decides to be a troll and post completely bloody useless things on there.

Well it seems that I've picked up a couple of them who post in the comments section of my blog.
Really it's quite a shame that they don't think they can post anything constructive apart from telling me I'm a clott. Well, to be honest, you've had your 4.75 seconds of fame, now you can sod the fuck off you wanker. Perhaps you'll understand that!

However what really upsets me is the real trolls.. the ones who call 999 saying: "XYZ is doin' this innit?!!" then when all the police cars turn up and we need some firm evidence against XYZ because clearly there isn't any firm evidence evident to the attending officers - so we go back to 'real troll' to ask for a statement we get something like: "Well it's like this mush yeah... well ahh I don't like tha Gavva's ya, so like well ummm, I wouldn't have call yous, so like get outta my hallway right before I make a complaint about yas... right!"
So of course XYZ is released later that day, or when they sober up, which ever comes first.. with no charges as no evidence was forthcoming...

Now here goes the fun bit.. this is clearly a TROLL as the've called the police either faking a 999 emergency for the fun of it, or possibly even making up the entire story of the incident just to see if Police do something.. they create endless bloody ludicrous paperwork and make the public worry that there are even any police (despite their police precept going up again this year)..
And all we can give out is a Penalty Notice for wasting police time... personally speaking.. let's go arrest the trolls and put them before the courts.. see what the courts think of wasthing their time because of the trolls wasting police time!!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

"V" for ID card..

I was just reading the "breaking news" and I saw this story about ID cards and thought I'd add my few pennies worth to the discussion because it all looks rather interesting.

The first thing that I noticed is that the Home Secretary, Mr Alan Johnson shown below looks very similar to someone else I've noticed and had a memory of for many years since I saw a movie that concerned me a lot.

Take a look at the comparison pics.

Alan JOHNSON - Home Secretary


John HURT as Adam SUTLER from the world famous movie "V" for Vendetta.

Personally, I have no issue to the use of ID cards as a rule. BUT there must be some form of leash attached to this possible run-away monster. Firstly, what the heck is the point in having BIO-METRICS on an ID card? How about we do like many other nations do... make it law that you MUST carry some form of Govt issued ID card with you. And then improve the stupid driving license (we all know that there is no reason to have a counterpart on it - no one else in the world does that right?) and when it's improved we use THAT as a main form of ID. After all, most people drive right? And for those that don't we have the ID Card.

What's the issue though?

The law doesn't require you to carry any form of ID card.

The problem?

We issue ID cards to all and sundry yet the police still are no better off than they are now with establishing your ID unless you are CRO and have had your fingerprints taken before!


Forget the ID card scheme unless bringing in a law that it MUST be carried by ALL - including ALL foreign residents and visitors would be required to provide a form of ID in the English Language.......

This is a scary can of worms isn't it? :-)