Tuesday, 4 August 2009

"V" for ID card..

I was just reading the "breaking news" and I saw this story about ID cards and thought I'd add my few pennies worth to the discussion because it all looks rather interesting.

The first thing that I noticed is that the Home Secretary, Mr Alan Johnson shown below looks very similar to someone else I've noticed and had a memory of for many years since I saw a movie that concerned me a lot.

Take a look at the comparison pics.

Alan JOHNSON - Home Secretary


John HURT as Adam SUTLER from the world famous movie "V" for Vendetta.

Personally, I have no issue to the use of ID cards as a rule. BUT there must be some form of leash attached to this possible run-away monster. Firstly, what the heck is the point in having BIO-METRICS on an ID card? How about we do like many other nations do... make it law that you MUST carry some form of Govt issued ID card with you. And then improve the stupid driving license (we all know that there is no reason to have a counterpart on it - no one else in the world does that right?) and when it's improved we use THAT as a main form of ID. After all, most people drive right? And for those that don't we have the ID Card.

What's the issue though?

The law doesn't require you to carry any form of ID card.

The problem?

We issue ID cards to all and sundry yet the police still are no better off than they are now with establishing your ID unless you are CRO and have had your fingerprints taken before!


Forget the ID card scheme unless bringing in a law that it MUST be carried by ALL - including ALL foreign residents and visitors would be required to provide a form of ID in the English Language.......

This is a scary can of worms isn't it? :-)


  1. Why should someone have to prove their identity to anyone?

    If they have committed an offence they should be dealt with, no matter what their nationality/residency status/whatever. For me the whole ID card debate is about whether people are innocent and free to go about their daily busiess until proven guilty or not.

  2. the ID card thing is really about the database behind it.

    it will be abused, it will be compromised, it will suffer mission creep.

  3. As I said guys, a great can of worms.. I hope lots of our viewers jump in here and comment..

    My thought is that it's either ALL or NOTHING.. and yes, what happens to this main database of EVERYONE??

    Did you like my comparison pictures? I think it's spot on.

  4. What's ironic about John Hurt playing Sutler is that he played Winston Smith in 1984. What a difference a few years makes...

  5. I carry a warrant card. They can go f*ck if they think I'm carrying anything else. I've no more room in it with all my credit cards anyway. And they're full to the max as well.

  6. I'm with SC on this.

    Why should I prove my ID if I'm not accused of committing a crime?

  7. I have a passport. This identifies me as a subject of the crown and lets me travel abroad without let or hindrance.
    I have a driving license. This shows that I am qualified to drive a motor vehicle on the public highways.
    I have an NI number. This allows me to pay into and draw from the (compulsory) NI Ponzi scheme.
    I have a works ID. This allows me access to my place of work and verifies that I have permission to be there to the security staff.
    I am on the electoral roll. This allows me to vote in local and national elections.

    All the above items of identifying material have a defined function; one which is useful to _me_. What, please, is the defined function of the proposed ID card? I can already prove who I am.

  8. Chris, Brilliant post!! :-)

    Insp Hobbes, too right!

  9. look how DVLA info is sold, how ACPO sell info, how the gov't loose data hand over fist.

    The wider implications of this database - tracking travelling, relationships - coupled to new tech, gps coords of wherever you are, face recognition cameras, net monitoring, political views. Essentially builds up a detailed profile of everyone. It would make the Stasi look like rank amateurs. It's too much power in the hands of too few.

    At what point does it become bigger than the threats its supposed to combat.

  10. I used to say l do not care about them l have nothing to worry about. Now my stand is the more the gov. dept. incompetence about secure date shows l refuse to carry one.

  11. and that's a brilliant point....

    So the govt is going to have everything including our BIOMETRICS available to be left on a train or in a bus stop or a cafe or where ever else you leave your laptop or USB data stick etc.


    Stuff em!

  12. PC Blogg's a Clott9 August 2009 at 17:13

    Brilliant, every one is BRILLIANT!!


  13. The driving licence is a good point. It should become mandatory if you are driving a vehicle to have your driving licence with you - not seven days away.

    I dunno, i am pro ID cards. Where i work, everyone seems to have at least three different sets of names depending on how old they are and then theres a multitude of different ways to spell them (Mohammed, mohamed, mohamad, mohamud, muhamud, mahamud, ad infinitum). An absolutley verifiable form of ID that will tell me who this scrote is at four o'clock in the morning would save me a lot of buggering around. Mr and Missus nice will never be required to produce an ID card as they'll never be caught pissing against a wall in a side alley, or sat in an industrial estate in a car that stinks of gear. Its a system that works well everywhere else, why not here?

  14. You are right to be concerned about this government and its Big Brother state intentions, including Biometric I.D cards. There was a clear real life message for everyone in the film "V". The warning was about an oppressive control freak Chancellor who took control as P.M, and imposed his will by force and underhanded methods. And by spreading fear and paranoia using media manipulation to brainwash the public. [1984!!!]

    The government have tried to, and are still trying to steer this country in the wrong direction, having disregarded proven to be accurate, credible intelligence warnings. Government, Big Brother, have their own agenda and interests in mind, and NOT what is in the best interests of this country and its people.
    There were specific warnings given about numerous serious matters that proved to be accurate - 9-11, 7-7, Madrid, Mumbai, Lahore.
    A warning was given in Intelligence records, to NOT go down the road of Biometric I.D cards and government databases that collect all our personal sensitive information. Government are doing the people of this country a dis-service.

    Minority Report Officer - "Ve"

  15. Minority Report Officer - "Ve",

    Thank you for your post. I think it somes up a lot of what people feel. It would certainly seem that this is a touchy subject and I'm sure that more and more people will comment on it over time...

  16. In Sweden there's ID cards, you don't have to have one, but without them it's going to be tough to use your debit card, borrow books, rent a video or go to the bank. So, everyone has one. Not carrying it is not illegal, but so impractical that most people do carry it all the time. Also, a drivers licence doubles as an ID card.

    Now, in Jaoan, where I live now, it is a different story. Only foreigners need ID cards, and we MUST carry them at all time.

    An ID card is only good if it is integrated into society in ways that the average Jack and Jill can feel the reasoning behind it's use and existance. But unless the UK can come up with something like that, it's going to be a hard struggle. They're making it hard for themselves, IMHO.

  17. I don't have a passport because I never go abroad...

    I don't have a driving licence because I don't drive...

    It drives my bank and the Post Office potty...

    But why the f**k should I carry an ID card? I know who I am, and provided I'm law-abiding it's nobody elses business. If I'm not law-abiding I'll presumably carry a forgery anyway...