Thursday, 19 November 2009


Police Get 93-Page Guide To Cycling
ACPO consider new 2-volume, 93 page, manual to tell officers how to ride a bike...

I agree wholeheartedly with the Taxpayers Alliance.

THIS should not be allowed to happen full stop. What a waste of all our money!

Wake up ACPO. You think up all these daft things, do you think that the rank and file PC is a toddler or what?
Even Boris Johnson can cycle himself around without a 93 page guide!!!!!!!

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  1. You can see where this came from, though. No officer can be excluded from being able to do the course on account of not being able to ride a bicycle. That would unfairly discriminate against certain groups.

    Imagine trying to describe in words how to ride a bike safely. Pretty difficult! It comes naturally to those who can do it because we learned while our brains hadn't set hard. I bet it wouldn't be so easy to learn as an adult!

    A question for you: does the force teach people with no driving licence to drive cars or are you expected to learn under your own steam?

    A question for the readership: explain to an adult who has never walked a step how he/she should get up out of a chair and walk the beat.