Thursday, 21 May 2009

Did I overstep the mark?

Hmmm, perhaps I've overstepped the mark as pointed out by Area in the comments on my previous post...

As he quite rightly pointed out the DPS (read "Police Police") prowls the interweb thingie for stuff like this.. they prowl for disgruntled coppers who might want to VENT their frustrations against the system which is wholly corrupted and wrong.

Oh yeah, of course it is corrupted when you can become a politician, then you can STEAL thousands of pounds of OUR taxpayers money, then you stand up on National TV and say "Sorry, I didn't think it was right (but I still bloody did it)" and of course then it's all bloody good and perfect and you are forgiven! Not in my bloody book. GO TO COURT AND SERVE YOUR BLOODY TIME IN PRISON. After all, if I took £1 of taxpayers money without justifying what every penny was for then I would end up in court and probably get sent down for it as an example!!!

And on top of that of course if we have some "travelers" to call them by the Politically Correct term who think they can do anything they bloody want, they often DO whatever they want because we are too busy chasing our own tails to actually stop them. After all, we would be afraid of dealing with them for fear of saying something politically incorrect and getting investigated because of the complaint that would follow (and spend 18 months of our lives waiting for a result on that complaint despite not doing anything wrong).

I became a cop to do two things mainly.. those are preserve human life and catch the bad guys... I did NOT become a cop to count cannabis cautions, public order tickets/arrests, or arrests for crimes which just don't seem important but get a Home Office approved detection. I DID however want to catch drink drivers, want to catch burglars, want to catch robbers, want to catch those who have total and utter contempt for the law and the general public and the society which we all belong to.. And of course many other things.

We should be chasing criminals, not detections. We should be prosecuting the criminals, not being persecuted by them when we say something and they put in a complaint which takes 18 months to resolve... Oh yeah, and then we are SOOOoo scared to speak our mind against the corrupt and wrong system and so afraid to speak our true feelings, we are also so bloody afraid to actually speak the truth because it might not be Politically Correct or it might UPSET someone.. Heaven forbid that we should actually upset a criminal..

What IS the world coming to when the police are scared to do their jobs because of the problems it might personally cause us???

Perhaps I'm in the wrong job. Perhaps the Inspector was right when he told me it was the nature of the beast.. Perhaps, just perhaps this is all a very bad dream and the job I loved actually still is the job I loved........

I don't know about much. I do know however that if I have to keep looking over my shoulders and worrying whether or not the DPS are going to come and infringe my Right to a Personal Life then perhaps I'll just shut up...


  1. I hope you don't but l do understand if you do. You could always change names go more anon. and then start posting again just be sure to let me know where you are headed :-)

  2. Have you brought the police into disrepute? I don't think so. If anyone did it was Surrey Police! I don't know what the rules are but I can't see how expressing a non-offensive opinion can be against them...

    Famous last words!

    I like the blog so keep it up but don't lose your job over it.

  3. Oh dear Guv, this sounds like the mangled musings of someone who is about to jump ship.

    Oh dear profession is still that which we joined. I was having a very interesting conversation earlier with a superiour colleague. Ultimately, the discretion is still there, it just depends on how much notice you want to take of the email merchants. This weekend, most areas will be run quite sufficiently by team officers, a few suits on double bubble and the control room inspector. No shiney arses, no emails. It can be done. We prove it every single night when they're all in bed.
    It just needs enough troops to say, actually, no, i've looked at this and i'm using my discretion. I am a warranted constable attested in front of a magistrate. There is nothing you can ultimately do to MAKE me arrest/report anyone. My oath is to uphold the law and preserve life. I will do that to the best of my ability. If you want this eleven year old nicked for pulling someones hair, do it yourself because I'VE investigated it and it IS NOT PROPORTIONAL OR NECESSARY to arrest him. Either that or empower PCSOs to do it.

    Now fuck off