Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Surrey Police Helicopter gets smashed up  <-- I found this story and thought it worth commenting on.. after all, it's been a "Q" week in Southernshire, only 3 murders, 7 GBHs, and 2 Stranger rapes.. not much to write about! (oh yeah, I'm joking about the 3 murders, 7 GBH and 2 rapes! None of these happened.. thus why I've not posted.)

Back to the police chopper!

So... first thing that comes to mind is why does Surrey not have their helipad somewhere more secure to begin with??? this is an expensive piece of tax payer funded crime fighting equipment. That is ludicrous, a 4 foot wall!!

Secondly, where was the SECURITY detail for the site? Surely a bunch of do-as-you-likey scum wandering up to the edge of the helipad in a bunch of white trannie vans with orange beacons on top should've been noticed by SOMEONE!!! Specially considering the NATURE of the site being a Police Helipad!!!!!!!!!

And why has no one yet been identified? Did the area surrounding the location not have any form of CCTV or anything? These idiots aren't smart enough to have actually been disguising themselves, after all, we all know that pikey scum is above the laws of our country and as such they are untouchable in a court of law because they'll make the jury think that they are poor, mis-understood and picked on innocent people.. but of course the jury never hears the full story do they?

Shameful. Makes us, the Police, look like a complete f*%king joke!
And on top of that, I just do NOT understand why we allow CRIMINALS like this to roam freely around our streets! I do hope that the raid has been carried out and that loads of shitbags have been arrested.

Oh yeah, I buzz my travellers sites quite regularly, and I reckon we should be MORE in their faces.


  1. So would it be too out of order to borrow some kit off the RAF and prang the place off the map.

  2. sorry (the place should read their place, as in site)

  3. Not blaming the victim for the crime are you?