Monday, 8 June 2009

Drugged up idiots..

Waaaaay back when I was posted in Big Smoke City in Southernshire... I was crewed with an Area Car driver. We were double crewed most of the time because of the sorts of things we attended.

So on this particular day I was busy in custody and my colleague the area car driver decided that he was bored and would go out for a quick drive on this particular late shift.. I distinctly remember his comments later about how he knew 5 minutes after leaving that he should've just waited for me... Always nice to know I'm wanted for something, even if it's to be cannon fodder for the area car drivers..

So Josh (who's about 5'5"-7" tall) goes out for a bit of a pootle about. Immediately managing to get flagged down by a member of the public who's alleging that a 18 stone 6'0 tall completely looney (off his guts on something illegal) idiot has just come up and smacked them in the chops without any form of provocation.

Josh being a good lad decides that he's going to call for some backup and just as he's doing this the drugged up numpty decides he's going to have a go at the cop. Good move idiot features!

Josh tells the fella to get back, he doesn't listen, he grabs hold of Josh and Josh empties an entire can of CS in to his gob at close range! (shame I missed that one)

Drugged Up Numpty goes down like a sack of shit crying and with snot running out of his face everywhere.

Josh manages to try and cuff him up as best he can... he then realises that if the idiot tries to get up he might have a problem, he promptly sits on him... he then remains sitting on him until the van and another area car arrive to back him up.. (I heard that bit from the other area car driver who told me they came around the corner to see my partner sitting on the back of some man-mountain who was all snotty and horrid on the tarmac). This all happened in the middle of a fairly busy road as well.

I have a very interesting memory of seeing Josh taking numpty out of the back of the van at the nick. Seeing the fella try to spit in his general direction, whether or not he was simply trying to clear his throat or not I don't know, but Josh doesn't take kindly to it. I've come out to assist Josh because I had almost finished with my person in custody.. and Josh had called me up and asked me to meet him in the back yard.

We are buzzed through in to the holding cell. Numpty tries to spit again and it takes a good 4 of us to put him down on the floor at this point.. Oh yeah, and he's pissed off.. mind you though, once he's down he's down.. just a matter of keeping him still and quiet, which he wasn't going to do... he's deciding to be rather noisy and annoying.

Strangely he was a completely different fella when he was interviewed, all calm and polite, and apologising for his having a go at Josh...

Another one bites the dust 'ey? ;-)

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