Tuesday, 9 June 2009

So many things...

There are just so many things to talk about in the news this week.. it's hard to choose just one.

So I'm going to flit about it all somewhat and just give some general opinions.

The new Home Secretary: I hate politicians as they are generally a complete waste of space. Let's just hope this one does a better job than the last stupid cow, surely he couldn't be any worse. Plain and simple.

Cops put the wrong fuel in to patrol cars... ok, I've not done this one.. BUT I can see how easily it could be done. So, lets commission a study in to how many members of the public manage to do just the same thing in a 12 month period before we talk about how much money the police have spent on getting tanks flushed!

Part of the problem of course stems from the fact that half of our police cars are diesel and half are petrol. You have to be reminded. Or perhaps part of the fault should come down to the fuel retailers for not having the PUMP NOZZLES clearly labeled.. go in to one high street retailer and ALL the pumps are black!! put BIG clear labels on the pump heads and save EVERYONE a lot of problems... In most countries the COLOURS on the pump heads (the handle bits that you hold) are UNIFORMLY THE SAME throughout ALL retailers, this is to stop this problem..

And lastly for today, because I'm completely bored waiting for work to start... Another police chopper damaged! It absolutely is beyond belief that these VITAL pieces of equipment are NOT behind massive fences in secure areas.. complete with dog patrols, security, or even a full CCTV system if nothing else... I'm pretty sure OURS is!!!
So.. why is it that after the Surrey Police chopper was damaged a very short while ago other forces didn't do anything to increase security of their own mega-million pound investments?
Staggering isn't it?

I would have thought that it was plain and simple, you protect your equipment, specially as choppers save lives. Not only the lives of the police who are on the ground, the lives of the criminals we chase, and the lives of the general public who we can rescue because of the chopper directing us straight to them!

Oh yeah, a question for you guys..
What would you like to see written in this blog? (I may not change anything but a bit of feedback is always a good thing)


  1. Write whatever you fancy - we come to read your views not anyone elses! That said, stories about jobs-gone-wrong are always worth telling :-)

  2. Mate, write about what you want to write about. This is your space for telling people about your day/life/great lock up or whatever. I have scrawled what I thought was excellent stuff and got no comments or anything. Look at the number of hits you get, we all read and don't always post.

    I'm attached to an ANPR unit at the mo after nearly 10 years of response and don't know what's hit me, time, no stress and not answerable to the screeching box on my left shoulder so subsequently no sh^%ty jobs to tell all and sundry. Will probably post something soon to tell people about this but there is no rush to do so.

    Don't stress, write what you want to and people will read it, comment if they want and not if they don't.


  3. Actually, I haven't worked out how to add a hit-counter on here :(
    I can't say that I'm the most tech savvy person around. I don't know why I can't find a hit-counter thing, I just can't though.

    Any suggestions? (I'd like to know what sort of hits I'm getting too)

  4. Try statcounter.com register and fill in what they ask you to do. It's free and they will send you some HTML that you add through your blog dashboard. I added it so it can't be too hard!

    Cheers mate.

  5. l agree write about what you feel like at the time. I am starting to do that more although not done much writing at all lately due to life sort of dropping onto my head and jumping up and down screaming "got ya bitch"

  6. Hmm, at all the garages I've used, the pumps have been coloured clearly (black for diesel, green for petrol) and easily marked. It's really not hard to tell the difference - even the nozzles are different sizes!

    I think putting the wrong fuel in would count as negligence, in my opinion. Yes, it may be relatively common for the unwashed masses to make the same mistake; that doesn't change whether it's acceptable for so much taxpayers money to be wasted through negligent refuelling. (Yes, I realise that, in the grand scheme of wasting taxpayers money, the cost of these mistakes is spare change, but it all adds up.)

    As for the choppers, though, yes, it is staggering that they're not protected well! I suspect a chopper would be the single most expensive piece of kit a police force would possess, so you'd expect it to be guarded!

  7. Hi David,

    Yes, with regards tot he choppers, definitely... probably the single most expensive piece of kit we've all got..

    Not sure negligence would be the correct term to use with regards to the fuel problems though.
    One of our area car drivers had one of our other cars out, same model, shape, etc as his own private car. His personal car is petrol, the car he was driving this day was diesel.... he managed to put Petrol in it.. (I couldn't help but laugh).

    But that said, I'm still interested in just how many of the masses do this every year as well.. I'm sure the figures must be absolutely staggering!!

    Oh yeah, it's not excusable at all, I agree that it's pocket change in the grand scheme of things but hey, the MP's have been spending pocket change on their pools.