Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Party Politics

Gordon Brown
Mr Brown talked frankly in the Guardian interview

Gordon Brown has admitted recent events have been among the worst in his political life and made him think he could "walk away from this tomorrow".

one phrase...

"Good Bye Gordon!"

Oh ok. I couldn't just finish off with that.
Mr Brown. You took control of this nation without being voted for. You turned it upside down. You allowed your politicians to STEAL from the public and then just stood there with a gormless look on your face.

On top of all of that. We finally hear that "SOME" MP's are going to be investigated for their Fraudulent spending of the public's money. What REALLY pisses me off is that taxes are raised every year. The government charges us MORE and MORE for fuel duty, Road Tax, etc, etc.. they tell us they'll drop VAT for a short time but raise other taxes... Yet you allow YOUR MP's to go and do what they like with no repercussions. Come on Gordon, of course it's going to be a bad week, you've been caught! All of you should bugger off out of the way.

So now we see the next headlines about the thieving politicians.

Houses of Parliament
Several MPs are said to have claimed too much for their council tax

More than 50 MPs have claimed expenses for council tax they have not paid, the Daily Telegraph says.

Where does it end?
When will our MP's become accountable to the public?
The police have to be accountable but it would seem the politicians can do what the hell they like.

Perhaps this lot will just go and quit, resign, or perhaps go and perform Seppuku!
Then we might actually get a group of politicians who actually wants to serve the nation, to do the right thing, to play by the rules as they should be.

Can anyone say "VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE"

Eventually I might get back to my regularly scheduled post of explaining where all the policemen are.. :-)

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  1. Oh yeah, Saturday late shift.

    Anyway. I don't necessarily condone anyone performing Seppuku. However it's a good word that fits with my feelings about this government (and I'm equally in favour of ALL PARTIES being removed and starting from scratch!!)

    I think any politician who has been found to have stolen/cheated, or done anything wrong whilst performing their duty as a politician should be summarily suspended. Investigated, and if found to have committed any crimes they should be instantly dismissed from Parliament, forfeiting any form of pension payouts etc, then they should be charged and put before the courts and tried by a jury of their peers, oops, tried by the ordinary common man of this nation!!