Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The state of Anarchy (II)

Ok, picture this hypothetical situation........

It's winter. It's a long weekend, Monday. It's 6pm. It's cold and dark outside.
Mr and Mrs SMITH are at home with their 4 lovely children aged 16, 12, 9 and 6.
Around 7.30pm Mr and Mrs SMITH have had a few glasses of wine each and they start an argument because unfortunately their 12 year old son has been getting in to trouble at school. Nothing serious, but the argument becomes a little loud.
The next door neighbour calls the police because the arguing can be heard through the paper thin walls (now there's a shock).

The police arrive and the situation has already calmed down. The police take details and realise that there are NO offences at all. There is no need for anyone to be arrested, but then again apparently someone is supposed to be...??
Police have to check on the kids to make sure they are alright and then take details of ALL 4 children in order to submit 4 separate pieces of paperwork (consisting of around 4 pages each) which get submitted to Social Services. Then there is the paperwork for each adults so any future risks can be assessed..

No offences.
No violence.
No detections.
2 hours of paperwork.


  1. I can understand why forces have "positive arrest" policies, but if no offences have been committed and nobody is at any risk of harm from anyone, then surely the answer is to put it down to an over-enthusiastic caller and move on.

    No wonder you guys can't get to grips with the real crime.