Sunday, 19 April 2009

What the hell is it? Surely it's not ANOTHER POLICE BLOG!?!?

ok so there is a plethora of unhappy Police officers in this country.

It begs the thought (or does it) of WHY these police officers are unhappy...........

So the next thought that follows this is usually... "who gives a toss?" shortly followed by.. "should we have a kebab?"

But in reality the police who are unhappy are generally unhappy for a very good reason. Basically because we are the good guys who go out day in, day out, we try to do our very best to protect and serve YOU the public and to uphold the LAWS as we SWORE to do.. To protect the Queens Peace, as we SWORE to do, and to uphold FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS as we SWORE to do..
Damn, you'd think we swore our lives away.

So. Why are we unhappy?

Because YOU the public are told very little about what is really going on.
We do a good job.. You aren't told about it. We make the tiniest mistake.. the Daily Mail tears us a new rectum. But the Home Orifice stays silent and lets us become cannon fodder as long as it fits THEIR agenda........

Food for thought?

Join this blog as one Southernshire Constable starts to share his journey through his long and sordid career in the likes of "Area Trace No Search" of the illustrious METropolis City Police and of course "Inspector Gadget" of Ruralshire Constabulary.. I know one of these two bloggers personally and I am pretty sure I've met the other once or twice.. after all, like minds tend to gather at the oddest places around water coolers.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, mate.

    No doubt there'll be more incoming.

  2. ATNS was right.

    Welcome, I'll look forward to seeing what you have to say...

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  4. Hmmm. . no anonymous comment ability, it's all tied to something which may identify those who'd rather not be. May be worth looking at.

  5. Welcome to blogging! I am a newbie too. It seems hard to get a momentum going but as Area and Gadget have shown it soon turns into something tangible. Good luck.

  6. The more the merrier, the more you people tell everyone about what is going on out there the better it is.
    Good Luck
    John Gibson