Sunday, 19 April 2009

So I start this thought with the question...

What would Ray Mears do?

I often ask this question of myself when I'm pondering just how to bring about the destruction of my farce, ooops, sorry, my force, or at least to be able to tell the public the often misled truth of how under staffed, over worked, short changed, and shoddy your police actually are in this once "Great" Britain.

Oh, and no.. I'm yet another foreign person who's joined the police in this country and wants to go home.. but hey, in the meantime I'll entertain myself, and hopefully tell YOU some of the home truths that our masters leave OUT of the press releases.

Oh yeah...

Ray would've managed to build a raft out of a Liana vine which was magically hanging from the treetops where the strange space item had crashed through. He would've attached it to the back of the Landrover Defender which had shoddy road tyres on it. He would've managed to get the entire thing off the ground, suspended with a half-hitch type knot.. and he would've used it as a trap for wayward bears which had come to visit from Alaska and which were masquerading as Eskimos. On top of that he of course would've built a fire to cook said bear meat and he would've done that by using an ASP to rub against the rough edge of a pair of Magnums and create enough friction to cause the Landrover Defender to catch fire and as such cause a little chain reaction and well... you know what comes next.. a smug grin, a sly sideways wink at the camera.. and we can all lay back in our hammocks and enjoy the warmth with a glass of cold gooey bear blood.

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