Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Right, so here's the thing. Being relatively new (or should I say blisteringly new) to this whole blogging thing I'm trying to work out why someone was unable to make an anonymous post on the comments the other day......

But I think I've got it now.

Hopefully now if you want to leave an anonymous comment you can, so please feel free to do so. Though, it'd be nice if your anonymous post had an identifier so that if you leave a lot of anonymous posts I can answer you, even if it's something like "Sierra Oscar Bravo" or something like that.. :-)

I'm flattered by the lovely welcoming comments. Now I really will have to make sure there is something of worth in here, after all, you're watching me!!!


  1. "This whole blogging thing" is rather enjoyable once you get used to it. Welcome!

  2. Agree with Pinkstone!

  3. Hi guys, it feels mighty good to be in such fine company. Just hope I can live up to the likes of you guys..

    Oh 200weeks, I'm almost positive you are in Southernshire, and if you are then it definitely IS a madhouse! :-) But if not, I still thank you for the welcome.

    PC Pinkstone, many thanks. Do hope so. SierraCharlie, Your blog appears to be shaping up nicely..

    PC Plastic Fuzz, howdy.. :-) I was just reading your profile actually.. You know I know an ex-PC who changed to become a PCSO when his 30 years was up! (if it were me I'd run a million miles with my pension payment after 30 years!)