Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Shooting at the moon.

Ok, some time back I had a couple of weeks off. I spent that time out on a friends boat on a "fairly" large river which runs right through the middle of another county force area which is somewhere near to Southernshire.

After several lovely days of sun and enjoyment, quite a lot of golden nectar consumed between randomly purchased meals from the banks or oddly cooked things turning up out of the galley we eventually gave up as time had run out and returned to my friends house after spending 5 hours sitting at a broken Lock. Yay!

Now as I've noticed a few others have said.. I am the only Police Constable that most of my friends know as well. So likewise, I get the grillings about whatever the Daily Monologue has been using to slate the police about on any given week. So there we are, standing out the front of my friends house on the side of a fairly big road right in the middle of this their biggest city on patch, you would expect to be fairly well policed and safe......

I'm getting a grilling for about 2 hours of slightly heated debate (which I am enjoying immensely when I get the chance to actually rebut something). My friends dad is a nice guy so I'm putting up with this simply because it's polite to do so and it's fairly good fun for the most of it.

The discussion carries on and all of a sudden I hear 3 or 4 shots fired.

Of course having spent a lot of time around guns as a kid I know that sound of something whizzing past my ear and I hit the deck!

After a few moments I realise the danger has passed, I look up to see everyone else standing up again after having followed my lead...

So I run out to the footpath from the garden hoping to catch the VRM (vehicle registration mark) of the vehicle in question. All I get is that it's a small black hatchback with 3 people and it starts with "R" or something along those lines, it was most certainly doing a lot more than 30 MPH at this point.

Dutifully as a good citizen I start dialing 999. My friend wants to jump in to his car and give chase but I manage to stop him. After all, it's not a police vehicle and I don't want him doing silly things to catch these idiots...

While I'm waiting what seems forever for the 999 call to be answered I walk back in to the garden and see that the "bullets" have hit one of the cars there, and the front of the house.. it is at this point that I see that it was paintball pellets.. so there is paint all over the place.

Oh well, they still shouldn't be doing random drive by shootings!

I expect some sort of a response from the local police force of this county.. I've given them my details. My force details and collar number. The details of the vehicle. The details of my friends who's house and car were damaged. The details of everyone present.......... and yes, I still expect at the very least some sort of a response.
Low and behold we remain chatting out the front of my friends house for another hour.
No police cars drive past. No police cars pull up and say "Hi, are you alright?" No PCSO's stop to check on our welfare. No return phone calls from the police.

I know that in Southernshire as it would've been graded as a Firearms incident at the very least someone would've been despatched to check on our welfare. Strangely my friends told me that no one would turn up, but I didn't believe them.


  1. Doesn't give a very good impression, does it! Perhaps all the officers were staying away for their own personal safety?

    Paintball "bullets" can hurt.

  2. Hi mate, yeah, indeed they can hurt.. and specially if you get hit in the face with them.. and with the car doing a hefty speed making the paintball bullets move a lot faster... it is conceivable that someone could be seriously injured.

    You are right, perhaps the officers were worried for their own personal safety. ;-)
    Never saw a firearms unit either.

    I must say that I was very disappointed with that particular force and their reaction. But I should've only expected it. I've requested statements or arrests through them before..... no need to say more.

  3. TB fair - the suspects werent there any more i guess.

    And there already was a unit on scene....


  4. I would imagine that as soon as you mentioned it was paint, they downgraded it to a tel-rep for minor criminal damage.