Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Great Train Robbery

Well after a day out in Metro City I must say that fair play to those who can continue to work in that place every day, over crowded, over priced, big, confusing, noisy, dirty and smelly.. And to think I've been considering a transfer. :-)

It is no wonder that there was once a Great Train Robbery. I am convinced that it's the train companies that are the cause of the UK section of the Global Recession... *sigh*

£4 to go from Waterloo to Westminster - One Way!!! (that is 2 stops, and about 10 mins walk I have now learned) Bloody Criminal!!!

Mind you though, I now know which way to walk so the tube has just lost another customer.
I do find it incredibly funny because the GOVERNMENT wants us to be more Environmentally Friendly and use Public Transport..

So I ask this of you Gordon, if you want us to use Public Transport then why the hell is it so bloody expensive you numpty?

I could drive to London for £5 to £10.
It cost me damn near on £30 to use public transport..
If I am not planning on a few beers you can guess how I'll get to Metro City.. and I'll just be sure to add to the congestion by getting a big nasty, dirty, stinky, and muddy four wheel drive to go up there in.... Stick that in ya' pipe and smoke it Gordo'


  1. Cheaper to buy a travel card surely?

    Or a bus... ;-)

  2. Rural Hants Cop26 April 2009 at 09:23

    I think I know who you are - I reckon you border sussex in your force.
    Or should I say Constabulary?

  3. Rural Hants Cop,

    Sadly, no. But it certainly sounds nice.

  4. Never pay cash fares! Get an Oyster card or Travelcard!

  5. Or better still, transfer to Metrocity and get your travel for free!!

  6. I heard a rumour that the free travel for Metro city officers may be canned as well.. certainly seems to have been canned for everyone else.

    Oh well. I disliked the tube anyway so now I manage to walk around and enjoy above ground stuff. It's quite satisfying knowing that there is at least 1 less cop travelling on the tube, I always thought they wanted us down there.

    I have been considering a transfer. The extra money would be useful. Not sure if I would want to put up with the pollution, extra people, continual domestics and so on. At least in the counties we get to round up sheep the likes.

  7. You need to come to Notgreatside. We still get free travel on trains and buses but do have to show warrant cards and things.

    In fact stay where you are, the rest of the bollocks just isn't worth it.


  8. Come to MetroCity, provided you have an operator that doesn't sound like s/he has swallowed a litre of helium and can string a sentance together, there's a good chance they'll let it go on until you can get an RT car there......"M.C M.C vehicle making off"