Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Stats yet again!

So this time the Home Office has been accused of manipulating the stats which show how much time we ACTUALLY spend out policing the streets instead of doing Home Office paperwork.

I'll tell you straight forward, right now.. Home Office Stats usually are bound to be wrong..

For instance. If I stop you on the street at 2am and ask you what you are doing near an industrial building (and you say walking the dog and then it comes trotting out of the undergrowth) I have to fill in a form (great use of police time there when there is no crime!)
So I duly fill in my form with 42 odd questions on it, several of which are related to YOUR ETHNICITY. What the F*&K has your ethnicity got to do with me or anyone else?

I first have to select your IC code which says what "I" think your ethnicity is. Who am I to be able to say that. After all, what I say is Asian is apparently Oriental, etc.. odd really.

I then have to ask you to define your own ethnicity.. Personally I find this demeaning and belittling to ask people and I always apologise for it. If I can possibly avoid asking you your own ethnicity I will do so. Why should I ask? It makes no difference at all as to how I deal with you as a criminal, or a victim of crime... These are called the 16+1 codes and believe me when I've had a lot of people who didn't understand what the hell I was on about when I asked them to define their own ethnicity.

I will then ask you what your Nationality is!! Holy Crap, it's the Spanish Inquisition!!!!
You haven't committed any crime, you were walking your dog right?? You aren't even suspected of a crime.

So why do we ask all these questions?
To add to H.O. statistics on how many people are stopped and of what ethnicity they are. Hmmm.... such a great topic I could start here which would open a can of worms like you wouldn't believe!!

As for me - I refuse to define my ethnicity. After all. Why should I? It's got nothing to do with ANYONE other than ME! - I do NOT like the option of "Not Stated" as it sounds wishy-washy, tell the police officer to write that you "refuse to define".

Tomorrow I'm going to write about the new possible Pay Freeze on Police, Nurses and Teachers... stay tuned...


  1. Judas H Priest! - this is excruciating. What, in the name of the name I'm not prepared to mention and whose ethnicity I won't divulge, do they hope to achieve?

  2. Sierra Charlie7 July 2009 at 16:13

    Lots of people are offended by the SDE question and I always say "I would be too, but we are forced to ask, you don't have to answer" and give them a theatrical roll of the eyes.

  3. Then why not do the honest thing..... and quit?

  4. Pete, we don't quit for the same reason you don't take a long walk off of a short pier!
    Your comments are not constructive, nor are they witty, or even remotely interesting.. so go stick your head in to a bucket of warm water and breath deeply doing the world a big favour as you are clearly nothing but an oxygen thief!

    Sierra Charlie, I agree, I loathe to ask people SDE. I find it demeaning in all senses.
    Hogday, exactly.. is it some sort of 'profiling' by the H.O or what?

  5. I would also be offended if asked all the questions. So if l say that l am not interested in the questionnaire am l then in trouble or can l tell whoever that they should shove it up their chief constables rectum.

    I would whatever the outcome then write a totally stinking letter to the chief constable of the area and also send a copy into the local paper but then l tend to do things like that.

    Just read your codes and mine is not there so that is a racial slur. I am white African but that is not even recognised however there is a dark European, to me a European comes from Europe there is an afro Caribbean.

    I come from Africa and am white so there should be a white African actually there should be a white Asian and white Arab etc. And black and whatever other colour.

    Just because you are from a certain area you should not be stereotyped. Any chance of my causing trouble over the coding system?

  6. or just call people from places not colours would be even better.

  7. Pc Blogs is a Clot or what ever it is that you call yourself.... you complain and you say that what you do is wrong. Yet you still do it willingly.

    That makes you a hypocrite.

    So indeed, the *honest* thing for you to do, if you had principles, would be to quit.

    And do another job, one that is more in keeping with your demonstrated range of skils and talents - or is it that Argos has all the security guards that it needs at the

  8. Pete you are missing the point completely. Mr A Lotte is trying in his way to change the things he doesn't approve of in order to make the job better and to do the job that the public wants him to do better. Your argument is a "straw man".

    Despite the complaints and frustration you read on the job blogs, I expect that most coppers still manage to get a lot of satisfaction from their work and overall the police are still a positive part of society not a negative one.

    I bet there is not a single employee in the nation who thinks that everything about their job is perfect. Should everyone quit?

  9. Dear "Blue Eyes"

    your rebuttal is no more than a concatenation of verbal reflexes. Absolutely no original thought whatsoever.

    And one which still assidiously avoids the central question on principles.

    ... and as for you, PC Clott: aren't you tired of hiding behind a woman's skirts?

    You "hero" you

  10. I love this. "Pete" you are imitating the great Dr Melvin in thinking that, because you know how to use long words and because you assume that all coppers are as thick as two short planks, you can win arguments by just saying "no, but".

    Every officer joins the police for their own reasons. PC A Lotte of this blog joined for his own reasons. I do not know them, you do not know them. Those reasons are largely irrelevant here. He says he doesn't like the requirement to ask people for their self-defined ethnicity. You say he can either lump it or quit. I say that he is perfectly entitled to express his dissatisfaction with the requirement in the hope that other people will be persuaded that it is a bad requirement and that it should be dropped.

    This whole SDE issue is a relatively small issue when set against the day to day job that PC A Lotte does. It would be one thing to say - hypothetically - that if he did not like the way prisoners were treated he should quit or if he thought there was corruption or fraud going on. But while the SDE thing is annoying it is only a niggle I suspect. You seem to be saying that any officer with any relatively minor problem with the way the police service operates should quit. I think that is out of proportion.

    Your supposedly "intelligent" argument is rather undermined by your bizarre personal attack on the blog's author.

  11. Dear "Blue Eyes"

    .... dear psudo-intellectual, pretentious cleric with theinferiority complex

    (Complete no doubt with your own Christian frailty and a crisis of faith)

    Why not let the CONTstable speak for himself?

    If he dares?

  12. Because you addressed me, and therefore I thought I would reply. I hope that our host will not mind. It is you who has pretensions, for it was you who started arguing using long words where short would do. I notice you do not address my point. Never mind, I'm sure the universe will not collapse without your reply.

  13. "Blue Eyes" your insecurities are becoming somewhat jaded.

    Don't let the door hit you on the ass the way out, will you?


    You damned hypocrite.

    ... or are you busy down Argos filling out that application form already, eh?

  14. Have you ever won an argument with an adult? Or are you one of these people who can't finish a discussion off with your brain so you resort to your fists?

    If I had to take a wild guess, I would say that this blog's host was at work or asleep or somewhere in between.

  15. This blog's host is probably at work and fast asleep there too.

    Snoring away in his speed camera van, whilst he continues to draw a wage and suck from the public teat.

    The parasite.

    Just like you, COE boy

  16. Pete,

    I thought that by sitting back and enjoying a rare night off I might actually relax a little and not post further on here.. and also by doing this it allows you to make an absolute fool of yourself by continuing to come up with more and more ludicrous arguments and reasons as to why I should quit a job that I love doing. But hey, you crack on little man, keep going because hey, if it brings more and more people in to my blog to read your inane comments then that's great.

    I can also tell you now that I am very well educated, multi-lingual and I have travelled the planet extensively prior to becoming a police officer. Your comments on here are nothing but dust in the wind my friend.

    Blue Eyes,

    spot on! :-)
    Thank you.

  17. Oh PC Clott, you are a hoot!

    Your mangled syntax and poor grammar belie your claim to be a : "..very well educated man.."

    You bloody joke.

    In addition, the fact that you are just a lower-echelon Plod, a mere wooden-top, who drifted into the only job that had standards low enough to accept you, in itself speaks volumes.

    Read much Oscar Wilde do you? Compose any marvellous new symphonies or formulate astounding mathematical theorems?

    PC Blog's a Clott indeed!


  18. Oh for gods sake pete if you dislike this blog so much what brings you here to post. It shows a distinct lack of intelligence that you would actually come onto something you obviously dislike to be insulted.

  19. Anytime amigo. Mine's a pint of mild :-)