Friday, 3 July 2009

Heat Stroke & Body Armour

Just a quick intermission break post. I put this as a comment on Inspector Gadgets blog

Just a tip for anyone reading through all the comments. Don’t drink ICE COLD water when the temperature is way up high (30’s) as it will only shock your body.. The water should be cool but not ice cold.

And be sure to stay out of the sun if you can. If you are directing traffic in the sun you should have someone come and replace you after 30 – 45 minutes, if they say they cannot have you replaced then you run a VERY, VERY high risk of getting Heat Stroke (Which can KILL!)

Heat Stoke is caused by the body not being able to dissipate heat fast enough. Of course wearing body armour and a stupid yellow thing standing in the sun works wonders for the body and it's efficient cooling systems! Either take off your body armour and direct traffic or keep drinking LOTS of fluids, attempt to stand in the shade..
Information about Heat Stroke can be found here:

Or if you’d prefer the NHS word on it:

It’s serious. So take care out there..


  1. Take off the body armour, Stupid.

  2. .... and stop being such a Whiney Bitch

  3. Smell that roasting pork!!!

  4. Well that's all very constructive you lot...
    Perhaps you should naff off back in to your council house!

  5. Oh , this is going to be such FUN.

    TUPC, Panda tales, Metrunty, NightJerk... and all the others I have harrassed and grassed into giving it all up.

    You are meat, Copper.

    Your dalliances into cyberspace leave footprints in the snow, you know...

    However, if you amuse me sufficiently, your identity and your career may stay in tact.

  6. LOL!

    Stay cool, Southernshire.

  7. Just remember, don't eat yellow snow!

  8. What about drinking yellowy fizzy drinks in pint-sized glasses?

  9. Blue Eyes, sounds like a plan that I approve of... :-)