Thursday, 2 July 2009

A little experiment for you to try.

Rightio, now for a little bit of fun... sad that this is for kicks huh~?

Of course we all work in horrible buildings. Police stations were built long ago. They were not fit for purpose when they were built, nor are they now. They are old, poorly designed, have no cross ventilation or air conditioning or even fans. We need purpose built police stations with proper offices, proper lighting, proper ventilation and purpose designed and built!

What I'd like to know is......

What temperature is it in your police station (versus outside temp)?

While we are at it... Do you have air-con anywhere in the police station?

I find it interesting that if our buildings were private business premises we would be given air-con or at least some form of air circulation equipment... or we could walk out and refuse to work in them due to health and safety issues. But of course not for us!


  1. We have air-con in our stations, and I've worked at 9 different ones so far. In all of them, the air con works brilliantly in the winter, bellowing out cool air, and in the summer does quite the reverse, expelling hot. There's no maximum temperature under H and S regulations, only minimum, although both apply if you're a prisoner.

  2. Sierra Charlie3 July 2009 at 09:28

    All nicks in the Urban Service that I have visited operate a system which keeps them at above 30 degrees even in winter. In summer my nick has a kind of early air-con system which although it does not cool the station down does manage to keep the locker room disgustingly hot and humid - because the air-con vents exit right into the room. Nasty.

    Not all private offices have air-con. I have never worked in an air-con office in fact. We have windows and fans.

  3. its not the buildings, its the upkeep.
    I much prefer working out of a victorian nick than a characterless shed on an industrial estate.
    Doesnt mean the job cant do the amazing and groundbreaking thing of putting showers NEXT TO or even adjoining the locker room, instead of the usual flight of stairs past the office workers, or in my case, walking across the yard and through two security doors overlooked by the hotel next door.

    just a thought.