Friday, 16 October 2009

What am I?

Right, it seems that some of the miscreants who take pleasure in tormenting people via comments on police officers blogs like to take out their frustrations if they feel that the PC is a Traffic Cop.

Firstly let me set the record straight - YET AGAIN - but clearly these idiots cannot seem to work a simple blog and work their way backwards to see that time, and time, and time again I mention that I am a RESPONSE OFFICER NOT A TRAFFIC OFFICER..

So let's start from scratch for the whiney little tossers who clearly can't click back and read it for themselves.

I'm a Response Officer, Not a Traffic Officer.

That means I turn out to 999 calls. I go to the general dross of society when they feel that their other half (also general dross) has done enough to insult them and they want them "done" for it.
Or when their neighbour, a normal, tax-paying and contributing member of society has complained once too often about their loud music they call the cops saying they were getting threatened "innit" and expect them to be "done for it, yah!"

So basically I answer the call to ALL allegations of crime and ALL requirements for Police to attend. Which VERY OFTEN requires me to attend the scene of an RTI (Road Traffic Incident) or in more simple words for the dross, an accident.

So why do I attend? Because there is no traffic office on our division and they have to travel further to get to you than I do.. So if you are in your car, upside down, or laying at the side of the road having been ejected because you were a complete tossa and weren't wearing your seatbelt (but you will of course tell me you WERE) then I am the one who turns up first, puts out signs, puts out cones, calls for an ambulance, holds your bloody snotty hand and comforts you until the men & women (saints) in green suits strap you to a stretcher and prepare to take you to hospital.. and of course until Traffic Cops turn up to talk to you.... and summons you to court for clearly what is dangerous driving and not wearing your seatbelt.

Anyway.. so for the dross who like to comment on here, I go to accidents day in and day out.. It is a COMMON part of the life of a Police Officer whether they be a Response officer or a Traffic Officer or even a Beat officer, they are in a uniform and in a car and on a road they can and WILL inevitably end up at an accident putting out cones and signs.. and if they have sucessfully managed to avoid that throughout their career then they should be lined up and shot because it's bread and butter a part of our work.. it's the first part of the OATH that we swore. The first part of this being - UPHOLDING FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS.


This means that if you are injured in an accident or in MORTAL DANGER then ANY and EVERY Police Officer will do their level best to seek to maintain your right to life - even if that means putting their OWN life in MORTAL DANGER!

So shitbag, remember this next time you drive like a complete c*ck down the road and put everyone else in danger - when you stack it and end up rolling the car over on your roof it may just be in MY COUNTY and it may just be ME who has come to put out signs and cones and try to PRESERVE YOUR LIFE you little scum sucking wanker. So save your rantings on my forum, have some respect for the fact that today I might arrest you for a crime for which I have evidence against you but TOMORROW I may be the one holding your hand and comforting you while the Ambulance turn up while you are laying on the side of the road saying "I can't feel my lefts and my back feels funny......"
Oh yeah, I've been at that one - and the person who said that had an IPCC complaint against me.. but I maintained MY PROFESSIONALISM and dealt with him as was expected despite the overwhelming desire to walk away and ask for another PC to be deployed due to professional reasons.

The IPCC complaint was unfounded anyway and the shitbag made a full recovery after having his shoulder and collar bone operated on and his back put back in to place.. he was very lucky considering he was ejected from a moving motor vehicle at 40 - 60 MPH!

Think about it boys and girls, it could be you, it could be ME holding your hand.


  1. "What am I?"

    PC A Lotte, you are leaving yourself wide open for the trolls to answer that in less-than-pleasant terms!

    What are you? A professional. That swears a bit.

  2. PC Blogs a lotte,

    I suspect you're seriously miffed with the tossers from the land of Troll.

    I've seen first hand a police officer trying to comfort a mortally injured motorist, whilst attempting to preserve the scene of an accident. Even turning up in a fully equiped
    ambulance with a highly trained oppo, often the incident was daunting, let alone turning out with minimal training, and a severe lack of kit. It takes a lot of guts.

    I like this blog, as there are a number of commentators with some insightful and humerous observations. I refer to BE et al. However the plague of contempt, and personal attacks is I'm afraid indicative of the brainless tossers sitting in front of a computer and tapping out expletives in the hope that there monkey brains can make a cohesive sentance.

    It would appear that some of your readers have been struck down with PIGNIC (problem in genes, not in computer) syndrome. Alas it is a terminal disease, one for which I fear there is no cure.

    Keep blogging Southern, and to hell with the PIGNICS.

  3. I like it and am in total agreement with ALL your comments :)

    Another southern cop.

  4. Cheers guys :-)

    All good today. I'm in a good mood again now. I think I'll write something upbeat next..

    I was considering a story about Britains very own super cop, that Sgt with over 500 arrests in a year.......

  5. Hello. Nothing much to add really.

  6. A Sgt with 500 arrests, your kidding? i know some Sgt's that dont come out of the office and they are street Sgt's :-( :@

    Another Southern cop

  7. Hi. First of all, you are a Police Officer. The role you have as a Police Officer is of little consequence to Mr and Mrs average reader. They understand most effectivly, you are paid by the Council, and the Council gets its income from the Taxation System, so for the most part, they have every right to understand and beleive, you are a Police Officer, who is paid for, by their contribution. Understand that, or fail to at your own peril. The difference between a police Officer and a parasite, is the Police Officer, for the most part, tends to work for the greater good of the rest of the community. Some Police officer's don't, so they sadly paint the target red for the rest of you. You have a ROLE within the Force, but primarily, You are a Police Officer.

    And it is not a 'Police Blog', it is a BLOG written in a public place and read by anyone who cares to read it. If you want to blog privately, adjust your settings so that other Officers are the only readers to get access to your public rantings.

  8. I find your comments most offensive. I believe that a person capable of demnstrating such an attitude to members of the public is probably not a person members of the public would want to have responding to an incident they find themselves involved in. I strongly recommend you either get another job, or admit to your supervision that you are unhappy dealing with members of the public. Simply because you have anonymity here, does not mean that you have a right to be offensive to people who look to you for help.

  9. Lief, where and how have I been offensive?
    What I might say here and how I speak to and treat people when I'm fact to face with them might be two different things, but that's me being a professional when I put on the uniform versus what I feel personally when I deal with the people who treat me like I'm a piece of dog muck they just stood on, or those who treat me like some sort of tool in their war against their neighbours, or treat me as though I'm there just to keep going and nicking their ex-partner for their own amusement because they've had another argument (read domestic).

    Virtal Supply, thank you for your comments. I'm not sure exactly what you are pointing out to me though. Do you think that my blog should only be read by other police officers or by members of the public?

    I'm also not quite sure where the bit about who pays for what comes from? I know exactly where my salary comes from... believe me because it's pointed out to me all-too-regularly by some of our *customers* (and I use that word loosely) who state that they pay for my salary (though how they do that when they don't pay council tax baffles me!)

    Oh yes, I agree that 99.999% of the time Mr & Mrs Public don't care what role a police officer has, we are the last line of defence before anarchy and all that matters is that we are there.. :-)

  10. Here it goes then.

    Lief. I strongly recommend that Southern stays in post. Simply because after dealing with the crap that is part of his job, he can still remain professional. I found this difficult, and as an ambo, my customers years ago were generally relieved to see us, but less so when the police turned up.

    Virtual Supply. I'm sorry what did you try and say? Doh..

    I suspect PIGNICITIS is the latest contagion, and we are witnessing a new outbreak. Quick, we need a new helpline..

  11. Well said Blogs a lotte. I have read every one of your posts and find them to be a balanced, honest and revealing insight into the real world of policing. Like many other bloggers who are police officers, your motives for the site are honourable, simply to raise public awareness about the obstacles you guys face when trying you level best to perform the dutues of the job you joined for.

    I've have good and bad experiences with the force but it doesn't change my view that the job is a lot tougher now than 20 years ago. The vast majority of coppers are good people, doing an extremely difficult job in quite impossible circumstances.

    The vast majority of the public do not face the dross of our society on a daily basis, you do. They do not have to contend with Government inerference in their working practices that have systematically damaged the effectiveness of the police and criminal justice system, you do. The majority of the public would not be able to face being directly exposed to the dregs of humanity on a repeated basis and yet maintain a sense of humour and a balanced perspective. Your site, not just this post, shows that you do.

    The public NEED to know what pressures and obstacles you guys face, whether it be the consequences of a decaying society or political intereference and senior officer micro management nonsense.

    And if that means it is expressed in a coulourful yet honest way, the public will have to be broad shouldered enough to take it. This country faces serious need of reform in major areas and this will take a massive dose of open-ness and reality. Otherwise we are kidding ourselves that everything is fine when it's clearly not.

    Virtual Supply. Yes the author is a police officer. However a lack of understanding of the police role exists in society that this officer is trying to remedy. Show some understanding and support. Read through prior posts on the site, the views expressed are honest and fair. The Police Blog comment? You are nit picking.The author shows his sense of fairness by allowing your comments to be displayed, when he could easily have rejected it. Give credit where itd due.

    Lief. The underclass of this country have wreaked havoc on society for long enough. Because an officer vents a little, without directing it at any individual, on a blog that is his domain, does not mean he will treat you or any other member of the public unfairly when you call him. The Government have created an environment when officers are not allowed a voice so have to blog the truth about policing anonymously. They don't do this just for fun, they weant the public to know the truth about the corrupt influences affecting the policing you receive. That doesn't imply officers are corrupt, but a system so politically influenced and distorted that they want the public to know so that change and reform may result. That act in itself takes courage, show the author the respect and credit for that. If you can't face the truth of real life presented on these pages, that is your choice. Personally, I'd rather we knew the truth.

    PC B... Keep up the great work and keep it coming. There are enough people who really do appreciate the work you guys do for us and what it takes to commit your views and experiences to articles like these.

  12. Crime Analyst.

    A very well constructed and insightful comment. I suspect a dose of reality is to some very unpalatable, but the fact is we expose our police to all manner of hellish situations.

    Wrapped in a comfortable coccoon of indifference, it would be easy to adopt the government line that crime has drastically fallen, and that a plethora of new initiatives has restored law and order. However, news from the frontline tells a very different story, and one that I want to hear.

    Fortunately, and please forgive me PC Blogs a lotte, this site ticks all of the boxes.

  13. Nil illigitimus (sic) etc etc.
    I developed a sort of mantra that still works for me in my day to days: I never expect good service from anywhere; I never expect to meet a personable, rational, intelligent person, just the usual plugs; but I never stop looking for the `gems amongst the pebbles`. When I find one, the sense of joy always comes as such a pleasant surprise.

  14. PC Blogg's a Clott20 October 2009 at 14:46

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  15. PC Blogg's a Clott21 October 2009 at 17:00

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  16. PC Blogs a Lotte.

    It appears sadly, once again the site is being attacked by a 'partially formed' fungus who has clearly grown by being 'kept in the dark and fed on shit.'

    Why do you allow this plonker to keep slagging of the site? Ah yes, probably, unlike your unwanted guest, who it would appear has a PC interest in bottoms, your interest is giving a balanced view and consideration to the post. Not good Southern, as pond life rarely make good contributors, you have to consider getting the horrible crime of 'fungacide' legalised.

    Dear Clotty. Carry on chomping on the deritous from our bins. Clearly it has made you a wiser, cleverer twat than earlier.

  17. I thought that comment was quite good in that it proved quite how thick your spammer is...

  18. PC Blogg's a Clott22 October 2009 at 12:29

    Ah "Blue Eyes".... is this the name you give to the choir boys?

  19. PC Blogg's a Clott22 October 2009 at 12:33

    Oh "Tom" ... or is it "Dick" or Harry" ?

    "Dick", I think.

    Well Dick, I'm afraid to have to inform you that the actual semantic content of your blathering was exactly zero.

    *What* exactly were you trying to say, Dick?

    ... and also, does the word: "imbecile" have any special resonance for you? ( I certainly know that it does for the author of this blog)

  20. PC Clott, you ask: "What am I ?"

    Simple, you're a Twat, Mate.

  21. Pete

    Please notice that the resident 'Troll' is a pathetic Twat, and is still without any form of imagination, hence the boring and repeated references to contributors, he/SHE dislikes.

    Well spotted BE, it would appear I'm still leaving shit out for the trolls to feed.

    PC Blogs a lotte, keep it going...

  22. Pete,

    It takes one to know one you brainless knob.
    You aren't my mate.